Online Test Series

1. How to register for online exams

If you are currently enrolled ACE Engineering Academy student or GATE 2015 coaching completed then processing fee is Rs 100/-, for all previous class room coaching student enrollment fee is Rs 500/-. If you are not ACE Engineering Academy student want to take up our Online Exams for GATE training then you can register by filling the online exam registration for external students and paying the fee.

2. What is the criteria for online exams registration

Fill the appropriate application form and pay the fee.
Click here to view the details
ACE Engineering students can register for Rs 100/-, previous ACE students can register for Rs 500/-. Non ACE students are required to pay fee to get access to the Online exams for GATE.

3. Who should pay for online exams

ACE GATE 2015 Students: Rs 100/-
Previous ACE Students: Rs 500/-
Non ACE Engineering Academy Students: Rs 1000/-  

4. Do i need a special software to access tests

No, you do not need any other software except browser.

5. Is online exams free for Postal students

Yes. All GATE 2015 Postal students can enroll for free

6. How to start online exam

Login with your username and password. On login you will be able to see all the available online exams. You can see exams for a particular subject by selecting the subject from select box. You can always access this page by clicking 'All Tests' in the menu.

7. Can i close the exam and restart it after sometime


8. What if I ACCIDENTALLY closed the exam window.

Exam engine remembers your current status and remaining time, you can click the start or resume button of the exam to start from where you have left.

9. I do not remember my password,

You can always recover your password by clicking 'Can't access your account?' or forgot password in the login page; give your login id and email address (the same email address that is given at the time of registration) an email will be sent with user name and password.

10. I did not receive ack email and approval email

Make sure you have given a valid and working email address. Check your spam folder, make sure that your inbox is not full.

11. I do not remember my LOGIN-ID

Contact office

12.After payment nothing is displayed OR internet is disconnected after payment OR browser is ACCIDENTALLY closed.

If you did not get the confirmation page after the payment is done then there is a possibility that amount is deducted from your bank account but session expired due to long wait or network failure. Check your email to see whether you have received any email with the new account details, if you have not received even after 2 hours after your payment then contact ACE Engineering Academy office with your order id, date & time of the payment.

13. How to change my password

After login goto myAccounts (you can find this link on top right corner), click password tab.

14. Online Payments related queries contact info

For All eSales related and online exams for non ACE students related queries please contact ACE at (040)-40047766 or by sending an email to

15. What is the meaning of transaction result message

GW00853-Invalid Card Number-Card no is wrong

FSS0001-Authentication Not Available - This comes when MasterCard sends enrollment status as u, or Visa sends fail response for 3 d secure

GV00004-PARes status not sucessful - This means customer has not completed the 3 D Secure Authentication on the 3 D Secure page

GV00008-Signature validation failed - This means 3 D Secure signature are not matching

NOT CAPTURED - Its due to Issuer Declined/low Funds/Card not accepted online

DENIED BY RISK - Every Card usage on merchant site has limit of No of transaction/Total amount Perday usage. If they fallen with any one of the reason, Payment Gateway will respond as Denied By Risk

CAPTURED - Payment has been Successful

16. Unable to login or page is blank after login

  1. Use new version of firefox or chrome web browser to access online test series.
  2. Clear browser cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del and select appropriate options.
  3. Reload the login page and enter your login details.

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