Online Test Series Schedule for GATE 2017
Branch: Instrumentation Engineering

Test Name Description
Chapter-wise Tests Total: 20 tests Commence from 9th June 2016 onwards
Subject-wise Grand Tests Total: 40 tests Commence from 8th August 2016 onwards
Full Length Mock GATE Total: 12 tests Commence from 21st November 2016 onwards

Chapter-wise Tests

(Each test carries 25 marks and 45 minutes duration.Test consists of 5 one mark questions and 10 two mark questions)

Note: First letter in subject code refers to GATE exam

TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GEC- 1 Voltage and current sources: independent, dependent, ideal and practical; v-i relationships of resistor, inductor, mutual inductor and capacitor; Kirchoff’s laws, mesh and nodal analysis, superposition, Thevenin, Norton, maximum power transfer and reciprocity theorems. Electrical Circuits

Test code:GEC
GEC-2 Peak-, average- and rms values of ac quantities; apparent-, active- and reactive powers; phasor analysis, impedance and admittance; series and parallel resonance, locus diagrams, realization of basic filters with R, L and C elements.One-port and two-port networks, driving point impedance and admittance, open-, and short circuit parameters. transient analysis of RLC circuits with dc excitation.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GSS- 1 Periodic, aperiodic and impulse signals; Fourier transform. transfer function, frequency response of first and second order linear time invariant systems, impulse response of systems; convolution, correlation. Signals & Systems

Test code:GSS
GSS- 2 Laplace,and z-transforms; Discrete time system: impulse response, frequency response, pulse transfer function; DFT and FFT; basics of IIR and FIR filters.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GCS- 1 Feedback principles, signal flow graphs, transient response, steady-state- errors, Control Systems

Test code:GCS
GCS- 2 Bode plot, phase and gain margins, Routh and Nyquist criteria, root loci, design of lead, lag and lead-lag compensators, state- space representation of systems; time-delay systems; mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic system components, synchro pair, servo and stepper motors, servo valves; on-off, P, P-I, P-I- D, cascade, feed forward, and ratio controllers.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GDE- 1 Combinational logic circuits, minimization of Boolean functions.. Arithmetic circuits, comparators, Schmitt trigger, multi-vibrators, sequential circuits, flip- flops, basics of number systems, , shift registers, timers and counters; Digital Electronics

Test code:GCS
GDE- 2 sample-and- hold circuit, multiplexer, analog-to- digital (successive approximation, integrating, flash and sigma-delta) and digital-to- analog converters (weighted R, R-2R ladder and current steering logic). Characteristics of ADC and DAC (resolution, quantization, significant bits, conversion/settling time); basics of number systems, 8-bit microprocessor and microcontroller: applications, memory and input-output interfacing; basics of data acquisition systems. IC families: TTL and CMOS..
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GSI- 1 Resistive-, capacitive-, inductive-, piezoelectric-, Hall effect sensors and associated signal conditioning circuits; transducer for industrial instrumentation: displacement (linear and angular), velocity, acceleration, force, torque, vibration, shock, pressure (including low pressure). Sensors &Industrial

Test code:GSI
GSI- 2 flow (differential pressure, variable area, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, turbine and open channel flow meters) temperatur
(thermocouple, bolometer, RTD (3/4 wire), thermistor, pyrometer and semiconductor); liquid level, pH, conductivity and viscosity measurement.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GAE- 1 Characteristics and applications of diode, Zener diode, BJT and MOSFET; small signal analysis of transistor circuits, feedback
amplifiers .
Analog Electronics

Test code:GAE
GAE- 2 Characteristics of operational amplifiers; applications of op amps: difference amplifier, adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, instrumentation amplifier, precision rectifier, active filters and other circuits. Oscillators, signal generators,voltage controlled oscillators and phase locked loop.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GCO- 1 Amplitude- and frequency modulation and demodulation; Shannon’s sampling theorem, pulse code modulation; frequency and time division multiplexing, amplitude-, phase-, frequency-, pulse shift keying for digital modulation. Communication&
Optical instrumentation

Test code:GCO
GCO- 2 optical sources and detectors: LED, laser, photo-diode, light dependent resistor and their characteristics; interferometer: applications in metrology; basics of fiber optic sensing.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GME- 1 SI units, systematic and random errors in measurement, expression of uncertainty – accuracy and precision index, propagation of errors. PMMC, MI and dynamometer type instruments; dc potentiometer; bridges for measurement of R, L and C, Q-meter. Measurements

Test code:GME
GME- 2 Measurement of voltage, current and power in single and three phase circuits; ac and dc current probes; true rms meters, voltage and current scaling, instrument transformers, timer/counter, time, phase and frequency measurements, digital voltmeter, digital multimeter; oscilloscope, shielding and grounding.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GEM- 1 Linear Algebra: Vector space, basis, linear dependence and independence, matrix algebra, eigen values and eigen vectors, rank, solution of linear equations – existence and uniqueness.
Calculus: Mean value theorems, theorems of integral calculus, evaluation of definite and improper integrals, partial derivatives, maxima and minima, multiple integrals, line, surface and volume integrals, Taylor series.
Vector Analysis: Vectors in plane and space, vector operations, gradient, divergence and curl, Gauss’s, Green’s and Stoke’s theorems.
Differential Equations: First order equations (linear and nonlinear), higher order linear differential equations, Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations, methods of solution using variation of parameters, complementary function and particular integral, partial differential equations, variable separable method, initial and boundary value problems.
Engineering Mathematics

Test code:GEM
GEM- 2 Complex Analysis: Analytic functions, Cauchy’s integral theorem, Cauchy’s integral formula; Taylor’s and Laurent’s
series, residue theorem.
Numerical Methods: Solution of nonlinear equations, single and multi-step methods for differential equations, convergence criteria.
Probability and Statistics: Mean, median, mode and standard deviation; combinatorial probability, probability distribution functions – binomial, Poisson, exponential and normal; Joint and conditional probability; Correlation and regression analysis.
TEST Code Topic/Chapter Subject & Code
GVA English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction. General Aptitude
Test code:GGA
GNA Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation..

Chapter-wise Tests

(Each test carries 25 marks and 45 minutes duration.)

(Test consists of 5 one mark questions and 10 two mark questions)

Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN -01 GEC – 1 09thJune 2016
IN -02 GEC – 2 12thJune 2016
IN -03 GSS – 1 15thJune 2016
IN -04 GSS – 2 18thJune 2016
IN -05 GAE – 1 21stJune 2016
IN -06 GAE– 2 24thJune 2016
IN -07 GDE– 1 27thJune 2016
IN -08 GDE – 2 30thJune 2016
IN -09 GSI – 1 03rdJuly 2016
IN-10 GSI – 2 06thJuly 2016
IN -11 GCS – 1 09thJuly 2016
IN -12 GCS – 2 12thJuly 2016
IN -13 GCO – 1 15thJuly 2016
IN -14 GCO– 2 18thJune 2016
IN -15 GME – 1 21stJuly 2016
IN -16 GME – 2 24thJuly 2016
IN -17 GEM – 1 27thJuly 2016
IN -18 GEM – 2 30thJuly 2016
IN -19 GVA 02ndAug 2016
IN -20 GNA 05thAug 2016

Subject-wise Grand Tests- 1st Series

(Each test carries 50 marks and 90 minutes duration.Test consists of 10 one mark questions and 20 two mark questions)

Commences from 8th August, 2016 onwards, the detailed test schedule is as follows:

Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN -21 GEC 08thAug 2016
IN -22 GSS 11thAug 2016
IN -23 GAE 14thAug 2016
IN -24 GDE 17thAug 2016
IN -25 GSI 20thAug 2016
IN -26 GCS 23rdAug 2016
IN -27 GCO 26thAug 2016
IN -28 GME 29thAug 2016
IN -29 GEM 01stSep 2016
IN-30 GVA & GNA 04thSep 2016

Subject-wise Grand Tests- 2nd Series

(Each test carries 50 marks and 90 minutes duration.Test consists of 10 one mark questions and 20 two mark questions)

Commences from 7th September, 2016 onwards, the detailed test schedule is as follows:

Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN -31 GEC 07thSep 2016
IN -32 GSS 10thSep 2016
IN -33 GME 13thSep 2016
IN -34 GDE 15thSep 2016
IN -35 GSI 17thSep 2016
IN -36 GAE 19thSep 2016
IN -37 GCO 21stSep 2016
IN -38 GCS 23rdSep 2016
IN -39 GEM 25thSep 2016
IN-40 GVA & GNA 27thNov 2016

Subject-wise Grand Tests with combinations

(Each test carries 50 marks and 90 minutes duration.Test consists of 10 one mark questions and 20 two mark questions)

Commences from 30th September, 2016 onwards, the detailed test schedule is as follows:

Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN -41 GEC, GME 30thSep 2016
IN -42 GCS, GDE 03rdOct 2016
IN -43 GSI, GAE 06thOct 2016
IN -44 GCO, GSS 09thOct 2016
IN -45 GEM 12thOct 2016
IN -46 GGA 15thOct 2016
Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN -47 GEC, GSS 17thOct 2016
IN -48 GCS, GME 19thOct 2016
IN -49 GSI, GAE 21stOct 2016
IN -50 GCO, GDE 23rdOct 2016
Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN -51 GSS GEC, GCS 25thOct 2016
IN -52 GDE, GSI, GAE 27thOct 2016
IN -53 GCO, GME 29thOct 2016
IN -54 GEM, GGA 31stNov 2016
IN -55 GSS, GCO 02ndNov 2016
IN -56 GEC, GME, GCS 04thNov 2016
IN -57 GSI, GDE, GAE 06thNov 2016
IN -58 GEM, GGA 08thNov 2016
IN -59 GSS, GME, GEC, GEM 10thNov 2016
IN-60 GCS, GCO, GGA, GDE 13thNov 2016

Instrumentation Engineering

Full Length Mock GATE (Tentative Schedule)

(Each test carries 100 marks and 3 hours duration As per GATE Pattern)

Test No Test Codes Date of Available
IN-61 Mock – 1 21stNov 2016
IN-62 Mock – 2 27thNov 2016
IN-63 Mock – 3 03rdDec 2016
IN-64 Mock – 4 09thDec 2016
IN-65 Mock – 5 15thDec 2016
IN-66 Mock – 6 21stDec 2016
IN -67 Mock – 7 26thDec 2016
IN-68 Mock – 8 01stJan 2017
IN-69 Mock – 9 06thJan 2017
IN-70 Mock – 10 11thJan 2017
IN-71 Mock – 11 16thJan 2017
IN-72 Mock – 12 21stJan 2017

NOTE: The Dates of MOCK GATE Exams may Change according to the GATE – 2017 Exam schedule.