KPTCL – AE & AEE Online Test Series 2016

Electrical Engineering

Total No. of Tests: 20+

Starts from 01st October2016

The performance analysis will have the following features

  1.  Rank will be given for each test
  2. Test wise and overall statistics
  3. Comparison with toppers (topper name and photo will be shown)
  4. Question wise and test wise time analysis & comparison with toppers on time management
  5. Question difficulty level analysis

Note :

1.All the exam papers will be available on our website up to  20th JULY 2017
2.The student can attend the exam at any time till  20th JULY 2017
3.The performance of a candidate can be seen after 48 hrs of commencement of exam.

S.NO Type of Students Fee
1 Present Students of ACE – KPTCL Coaching Students ₹ 200/-
2 Present Students of ACE – IES/GATE Coaching Students ₹ 300/-
3 Previous Students of ACE – IES/GATE/PSU’s  (Classroom& Postal Coaching) ₹ 300/-
4 Students other than ACE ₹ 600/-